Co-founder and editor (writes under the name Xavier McDaniel: Donny Mahoney

Co-founder and North American editor: Brian Reynolds

Deputy Editor: PJ Browne

Weekend editor: Paul Ring


A Balls Media production.

76 Thomas St
Dublin 8


Some of the people who have brought their talent to HQ include

Alfredo Garcia – a two time grammy nominated squeezebox afficiando with a temper as short as his right arm. Alfredo comes with more baggage than the second terminal but his love for hurling makes up for most of his obvious shortcomings.

Hal LaRoux- born out of wedlock, Hal knew his path to success was eventually lead him to settling. Due to complicated and risky surgery carried out on his cranium as a child, Hal dons a neck and headbrace which remains the only noteable characteristic about him.

Xavier McDaniel – the “brains of balls” as he likes to refer to himself as, always puts friends ahead of work and maintains a strict social networking existence, employing over 40 drones to operate his facebook, google plus and bebo accounts. When he is not poking or retweeting himself, you can find him pointing glassy fingers at the extended family of Irish sport.

Emmet Tolstoy – not to be confused with anyone who actually matters, Emmet maintains an existence at by purchasing coffee and caramilks with his own money.

Paul Ring emerges from his darkened room at the weekends armed with only a laptop and his wits. He survives on a strict diet of Oreos and Coca Cola and fervently believes GIF’s hold the key to world peace. (he is also from Cork..)

Mark Farrelly – St. Killians Summer Camp pitch’n’putt champion 1999. Reared in a 5 acre field by a warren of rabbits, he is known to use big words to hide his fallacious knowledge of every sport other than Junior C football

PJ Browne is the only member of that has been to Kerry, it’s because he lives there. Between fixing late night games of billiards in a barn on the Cork border and making moving pictures of every sport highlight there ever was, you’ll find him here anytime of day, noon or night.