Standby The Golf World Has Found Their Version Of Planking – Duffnering


What is Duffnering? You are about to find out..

Golfer Jason Dufner wakes up today after unintentionally starting the next internet phenomenon. Yesterday he was in Texas in an effort to publicise a tournament he had won last year, part of that publicity tour was a trip to the students at the Salesman Youth Club. The days events had taken their toll on poor Jason and he was tired and fed up.. and couldn’t be bother to hide it.

A few years ago, this would have passed unnoticed outside of this very classroom, but not today, the ridiculous photo lit the internet up late last night and has sparked the Duffnering trend to start. Many of golf’s big names were only too happy to help Duffnering on it’s way.

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h/t sportsgrid