The Football Prediction Battle Of The Century: Mark Lawrenson vs Hulk Hogan

  • Will Slattery

  • February 8, 2013

  • Football

Each week BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson pits his wits against a celebrity to see you can get the most Premier League scores correct. As we’ve seen in the past Lawro doesn’t have much wits to pit in the first place.

This week he took on the real American and hulkamaniac Hulk Hogan. Having already tusseled with British wrestler Magnus earlier in the season Lawro’s producers are obviously trying to set the bar pretty low. After all, the hulkster predicts a 40-1 Chelsea win over Wigan this weekend.

Hulk goes pretty conservative for the rest of his picks but Lawro will probably have the edge here. Lawrenson’s record versus celebrities this year is 179-143.

h/t bbcsport