Michael Owen: I Was Never 100% Fit

Former Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle and Manchester United striker Michael Owen, admits he has never been 100% fit since he was 19 years old.

Michael Owen told his online blog: ‘I have two over-riding emotions. The first is a sense of pride at not only what I achieved, but how I achieved it.

‘The second emotion is a sense of ‘what might have been’ had injuries not robbed me of my most lethal weapon — speed.

‘My hamstring gave way in an away game at Leeds at the tender age of 19 and from that moment on my career as a professional footballer was comprised.

‘I actually take pride in the fact that, even when not fully fit, I still competed at the very highest level playing for some of the biggest clubs in the world. I have no doubt that had I not suffered those ‘pace depriving’ injuries, I would be sat here now with a sack full of awards and a long list of records’.

40 goals in 89 England appearances, along with 222 goals at club level, not bad for a semi fit professional.