Marca Defends Its Story On The ‘Either Mourinho Goes Or We Go’ Threat By Casillas And Ramos

The Spanish soccer world was briefly in flux yesterday when Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez called a press conference on the back of a story in Marca about a threat made by RM co-captain’s Casillas and Ramos to the club’s brass that either Jose Mourinho walks the plan there this summer or two Spanish legends would be packing their suitcases. Perez denied the veracity of the story, which seemed unusual since to most observers, Marca and Madrid are closer than peas and carrots.

Well today Marca upped the ante by defending its own reporting.


They added that it’s not just Casillas and Ramos who are ready to walk from Real:marca

The exchange that follows proves this. It’s a fragment of a longer conversation and we’ve deleted the player’s name: “It’s not just (…), I’m telling you, there are many others”.