Liverpool Are Already Organising Their Victory Parade

Are you a Liverpool fan? Would you love nothing more than to have a front-row view of the victory parade if the Reds manage to come out on top – all for a cool £6.31 per hour?

If so, look no further than Blue Arrow Recruitment. The Merseyside-based company claim that they have been selected to hire stewards for the potential love-in on May 12.



I suppose the city has to be prepared for what would be one of the biggest public events in its history, but it’s still somewhat reminiscent of the bloke who was selling ‘Liverpool Premier League Champions’ t-shirts on Henry Street last week.

According to the ad, “The role of the stewards is to help maintain the crowds along the planned route for the winner’s bus, to ensure the smooth running to what will be a fantastic day!” 

The colour scheme of’the ad and the ‘Blue Arrow’ name would also make one wonder whether the whole thing is an elaborate Evertonian wind-up.

(Spoiler: it’s not, Reds with a fondness for tallying unborn poultry can apply here).