The Graeme Souness Backpass GIF That Sums Up An Entire Era

When he wasn’t attempting to castrate opponents before claiming to be the victim, Graeme Souness was something of an exemplar of the ball-achingly conservative tactics of the 1980s and early 90s, which considered “knock it back to the ‘keeper and have him pump it 80 yards up the field” to be a perfectly legitimate method of creating chances.

The fantastic Adam Hurrey of @FootballCliches has a piece in the Guardian today affectionately recalling the backpass era. He gives the sometime-RTE pundit’s 65-yarder against Dynamo Kiev in 1987 as the prime exhibit. So wrong, yet so beautiful.


Quite majestically talented for a hatchet man, there was no danger of his backpasses straying into Lee Dixon territory.

See the rest, and much more, in his Gaurdian article here.