GIF: Eden Hazard Sees Red… For Kicking A Ball Boy

This is one of the most bizzare gifs you will ever see: Eden Hazard kicks ballboy


With Chelsea trailing in the 2nd leg of the Carling Cup semi-final at the Liberty Stadium, a Swansea ball-boy decided he would be less than urgent in returning the ball to the field of play. Eden Hazard then ran over and tried to get the ball from the young lad, who was at this point refusing the ball to the Chelsea man, after the ball-boy fell on the ground, Hazard then tried to kick the ball free, but as you can see from the gif above, he kicked the ball-boy.

Mental. The ball boy was out of line, but surely that was not the right way for Hazard to go about setting him straight. We now await the media uproar.

H/T: r/soccer