BBC Radio Show Calls The Wrong Michael Gray To Talk About Martin O’Neill Sacking.

A BBC Radio 5Live show presented by, Stephen Nolan, got something rather important wrong when they rang up former Sunderland and England defender, Michael Gray, to talk about the sacking of Martin O’Neill. They had actually contacted a Glasgow student, also named Michael Gray.

Michael Gray, the Glasgow student, explained how the mix up occurred on his blog:

…a few months ago I organised a referendum on Scottish Independence at Glasgow University. I was dragged into some interesting and some tedious dealings with the Scottish and UK media. So tonight, when Martin O’Neil was sacked as boss of English Premiership side Sunderland, one media editor has a confusing phone book call to make: Michael Gray (1) or Michael Gray (2) that is the question?

The audio of the interview can be heard above.